Please clink your glass against mine as I officially welcome you to this blog! 

In 2013 I was introduced to my first ever speakeasy secret bar…The Wild Rover in Surry Hills, Sydney. At first sight of the run-down building I must admit I was quite sceptical, however upon opening the large wooden door I was in awe at the sight of a low-lit bar with a stunning array of whisky bottles and the sound of upbeat Irish music. This night led to my fascination in discovering secret undercover bars. 

This blog
My aim is to pull you out of the mainstream bar scene and guide you into the mysterious world of secret bars. These secret bars are located all over the world and can be quite tricky to find…that’s where this blog comes in.

Every few weeks I will be releasing a new blog post on a secret bar and some local tasting. My favourite drink is whisky so you can expect it to feature in most posts. To make it fun, clues will be shared on social media prior to the blog post releases. Be sure to follow Undercover Bars on Facebook and Instagram to join in the fun. 

-Mr. Undercover-

Mr. Undercover’s identity has been revealed as Michael Jaajaa. Digital marketer by day and speakeasy blogger by night!