Door Knock
Basement 2 /70 Pitt St,
Sydney, NSW 2000
Open: 5pm – late (Wed to Sat)

Difficulty to find


Buried beneath Sydney’s busy city streets is a mysterious tunnel leading you to a cosy hidden gem – Door Knock (next to Batch cafe). This speakeasy bar was quite hard to find but well worth the patience.

Inside you will discover a narrow winter lodge sized bar complete with a realistic fake fireplace, smiling knowledgeable bartenders and delicious complimentary truffle popcorn!

Anna was looking after my whiskey cocktails for the night, and she did not disappoint.

Bartender’s recommendation:

Bobby Burns

  • Johnny Walker double black (gasped at this choice but it works!).
  • Sweet Vermouth
  • Dom Bénédictine

I asked for a peaty yet slightly sweet whiskey cocktail to suit the cold winter’s night. This recommendation hit the mark and was shaken perfectly by the bartenders.

Door Knock Bar, Sydney
Bobby Burns Cocktail

From the menu:

Carrot Whispers

This Woodford Rye-based cocktail with carrot cardamon honey and averna is as unique as it looks. I had my reservations when I noticed carrot in the list of ingredients but boy did this cute little cocktail impress. A must try drink when visiting Door Knock.

Door Knock Bar, Sydney
Carrot Whispers Cocktail

Ready to Rumble cocktail

Nice aesthetics given the choice of glass it is served in, however this new cocktail was just a little too overpowering with sweetness from the pineapple juice.

  • Rum
  • Campari
  • Dill
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Falernum
Ready to Rumble Cocktail

Overall thoughts

A versatile hidden bar to suit your taste in wine and cocktails from a variety of whiskies and spirits. There isn’t one speciality however you will feel special with the great service here, not to mention the free truffle popcorn!

I was very impressed with the cocktails and recommendations. This is a bar you could take a person on a date or have an intimate group of friends out for a few drinks for an hour or two before kicking on. The decor was a little confusing, I believe a winter lodge theme may suit this place best, nevertheless, the cocktails did not disappoint!

Until we meet again…

Mr. Undercover
(Michael Jaajaa)

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